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Honjo, Tatsuya (Chairperson, Administration board member)

He runs a website named “The Marriage of Skepticism and Wonder.” His online name is Wizard.

He is a chairperson of ASIOS. In his teens, he was one categorized as a believer, but was later fascinated by skeptical books published outside of Japan. These books opened his eyes and led him to carry skeptical investigations on the supernatural. He now believes that investigating the truth of supernatural phenomenon is his lifework.


Kamata, Norihiro (Administrator board member, Webmaster)

He runs a website named “Myth the of Roswell Incident.

He is in charge of junior skeptic education in ASIOS. He also was a believer who later turned his stance to skeptic. His tries to, and puts stress on, an educational and easy-to-understand style. He is still working on the Roswell Incident. He is also fond of cars.


Nakai, Sayaka (Administration board member, Translator)

She is an English-Japanese/Japanese-English translator. Her online and pen name is NAKAI SAYAKA.

An ex-post-medieval archaeologist turned translator, she has translated several non-commercial books including on hand-woven textiles and museum guide. She also translated picture books, such as “Usborne’s The Great Search Series” by Bunkeido. She is in charge of all translation work and communication in English for ASIOS.


Yokoyama, Masashi (Administration board member)

He is an illustrator and an amateur animal researcher.

He painted a number of pictures in the book, “Kyodai Mikakunin Bikkuri Seibutsu” [Giant Unidentified Surprising Creatures] and also “Anata no Shiranai Mikakunin Seibutsu” [UMA unknown to you] published by Core Magazine. He also drew all the illustrations(including the cover) for “TV Geino Media Toshi Densetsu” [TV Entertainment Media Urban Legend] and “TV Geino Media Toshi Densetsu 2” [TV Entertainment Media Urban Legend II] published from the same publisher.


Ishikawa, Masato (Research member)

He is a mind scientist, a Professor of Information and Commnicaton, Meiji University, and an administration board member of Japanese Society for Parapsychology.

He wrote books with other scientists including “Kokoro to Ninchi no Johogaku”[The Information Science of Mind and Cognition] published by Keiso-shobo, “Nyumon: Maindo Saiensu no Shiso”[Introduction to the Ideas of Mind Science] published by Shinyosha, “Kokoro towa nanika” [What is a Mind?] published by Kitaoji-shobo, “Cho Shinrigaku” [Parapsychology] published by Kinokuniya-shoten, co-translated two books “The Mysterious Flame: Conscious Minds In A Material World” by Colin Mcginn, and “Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life” by Daniel C. Dennett, published by Seidosha. His most recent translation is “Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality” by Dean Radin, published by Tokuma-shoten.


Shimizu, Kazuo (Research member)

He was a writer, a science interpreter, and was also was an administration board member of The Academy of Outrageous Books.

He wrote numerous books including “Tondemo Chojogaku Nyumon” [Introduction to Outrageous Supernaturalology], “UFO no Uso” [Lies about UFO], “Daiyogen no Uso” [Lies about Great Prophecy] published by Data house, “Tondemo Chojo Repoto Kessakusen” [The Masterpieces of Outrageous Supernatural Reports] published by Rakkosha. He died of stomach cancer on July 3, 2009 at age of 55.


Hani, Rei (Research Member)

He has been attracted by mysterious phenomenon (such as ESP and life after death), since he was a boy. While he was a university student, he established The Supernatural Research Society and and began posting articles for magazines, like “UFO to Uchu” [UFO and Space] and “Mu” [The Mu]. After graduating from school, he has been visiting and conducting field research on the mystery spots of the world.

He does not call himself a skeptic, but is interested in seeking the truth of mysteries like other members.

He has written many books, including “Senya Ichiya Monogatari” [A Thousand Nights and One Night Story] published by Sanichi-shobo, “Chojo-gensho Daijiten” [An Exhaustive Dictionary of Supernatural Phenomenon] published by Seiko-shobo, and “Sekai Isan Misuteri Walking Gaido” [The World Heritage Mystery Walking Guide] published by Cycle's Company.


Harada, Minoru (Research Member)

He is an ancient history and pseudo-history researcher and a member of The Academy of Outrageous Books.

He has written numerous books including “Tondemo Nihonshi no Shinso" [The Truth of Outrageous Japanese History] published by Bungeisha, “Tondemo Gishi no Sekai” [The World of Outrageous Pseudo-history] published by Rakkosha, and “Okaruto no Wakusei ? 1980 Nendai, Mo Hitotsu no Sekaichizu” [The Occult Planet ? 1980s Another World Map] published by Seikyusha.


Hirukawa, Tatsu (Research Member)

He is an Associate Professor of anthropology and consciousness studies at School of Information and Commnicaton, Meiji University, and Director of the Institute for Informatics of Consciousness, Meiji University. A member of Society for Psychical Research.

Main research areas are experimental study of "micro-PK" and theoretical study of magical thinking, as a neither believer nor disbeliever, but an impartial skeptic. He wrote a few popular books in Japanese and some academic papers in English.

From 2013, a Visting Fellow at the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) directed by Christpher French, Goldsmiths, University of London, if the ancient Mayan apocalypse will not come true.



Minakami, Ryutaro (Research Member)

He is a pseudo-science watcher, a member of The Academy of Outrageous Books, and Chairman of JAPAN; Japan Anti-Pseudoscience Activity Network, aka. Supernatural Watchers. He also is a supervising editor for Skeptic Library Series published by Ota-shuppan which introduces the skeptic information of supernatural phenomenon overseas.

He loves supernatural phenomenon more than anybody else, but will not believe their existence until he finds hard evidence.

He wrote many books including “UFO-gaku Nyumon ? Densetsu to Shinso” [An Introduction to Ufology-- Legend and Truth--] published by Rakkosha and “Da Binchi Codo Saishu Kaidoku” [The Last Decoding of the Da Vinci Code] published by Bungeisha.


Yamamoto, Hiroshi (Research Member)

He is a Science Fiction Writer, the president of The Academy of Outrageous Books

He wrote number of books including “Kami ha Chinmokusezu” [God would not Fall Silence], “Ai no Monogatari” [A story of Ai], “Shiiha no Iru Machi” [A Town where Shiiha Lives] published by Kadokawa-shoten, and “MM9” published by Tokyo-sogensha. “Chonoryoku bangumi wo 10 bai tanoshimu hon” [The Book You can Enjoy PSI TV show 10 times] published by Rakkosha.


Akizuki, Roho (Guest Member)

He is the editor of amateur magazine for supernatural phenomenon and occult, “Sp Files.” He is a collector of books on flying saucers as well as being an amateur flying saucer critic. His online name is Pen pal-wanted.

His online name stands for his interest on the Unmo incident and he is waiting for the Spaceman Umit to write to him. Despite his expectations, naturally, he has yet to receive a letter.

He does not define himself as a skeptic, but he shares the same attitude with other members to pay certain respect to keep the skeptical and non-skeptical information equal in collecting and investigating.


Sato, Kenji (Guest Member)

He started his website “X51.ORG” in May 2003, while he was in US. Since then, he does everything by himself; designing, managing, and writing.

He and his site received a number of awards including the grand prix in Blog of the Year! 2004. During 2003 to 2007 he conducted research in various areas of the world by himself, spending over three months annually.

Recently he appeared on TV and published a book, “X51.ORG THE ODYSSEY” by Kodansha in addition to his web activities. Mr. Sato and ASIOS are in good relationship but he does not define himself as a skeptic.


Junya Terazono (Guest Member)

He was born in 1967 in Tokyo. He now is an assistant professor of a University and also searches supernatural phenomenon and mysterious stories concerning space. Having once been a believer, he is interested in the psychology of people who believe in irrational stories.

Along with other scientists, he is the author of “Saishin: Tsuki no Kagaku ? Nokosareta Nazo wo toku" [The Latest: Science of the Moon?Solving the Remaining Mysteries--], published by NHK Shuppan. He was involved with the translation of “Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing "Hoax"” by Philip C. Plait, published by Rakkosha. His personal web site is “terakinizers!!


Guest Member (Guest Member)

She runs a web site named “Kininaru Shiryoshitsu [Reference Room of Curiosity]." Her online name is NAZOO.

After opening her site in 2005, she positively joined the weblings of Mystery believers' sites to present skeptic information. She constructs her site with visual contents and uses an easy-to-understand stance that most skeptic web sites do not have. She loves music and cats.


Fujino, Naho (Guest Member)

He is known as a pseudo-history watcher. His main field of study is how pseudo-history documents like the “Uetsufumi” and “Miyashita Documents” were distributed and accepted. He also aims to carry philological study of Japanese esotericism including Jindai-moji, Kotodama study, and Taireido.

He's written research papers including “Gishi to Yabo no Botsuraku Tairiku" [The Fallen Continent of Pseudo-history and Ambition], “Gisho Meimei Den" [Each Story of Pseudograph], “Jindai-moji Ron ni okeru 'Koshi Koden' no Shutugen" [The Appearance of Koshi Koden in the Jindai-moji Studies], and “'Koshi Koden' Mikaiketsu no Uwasa" [Unsolved Rumor on “Koshi Koden”]. "He is now working on his serial study for the magazine, “Gishi Genryu Ko” [A Study on the Root of Pseudo-history] and plans on publishing his work in book form in the future.


Wakashima, Toshikazu (Guest Member)

He runs a web site named “Devotion of Skeptics.” His online name is Wakashimu.

He was the first one that Honjo asked to join ASIOS. He was the Vice President until April 2009, when he schedule became too busy to be more than a guest member. He admits that people find him a hard skeptic. What he favors most is to conduct sound skepticism while he criticizing lazy and easy naysayers. He also loves sweets and cats.