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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. What does ASIOS investigate?

We are interested in the occult matters, supernatural phenomenon, and pseudo-science in general.

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Q. Do you investigate matters that have greater social affections first?

We may pick up phenomenon that often appear on the news in order to know what is really going on, but we do not consciously give priority. We carry thorough investigations on any case that is interesting enough for us, not how it is sensational and unknown.

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Q. Is ASIOS an organization that demolishes occults and pseudo-science?

Our basic aims of activities are to carry research on the matters that attract our interests and not to deny the irrationals in the world. Therefore, we do not have any ideas to denounce anything supernatural or occult.

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Q. How can I be a member?

We are now discussing the means and terms for general membership. Please keep your eyes on our official website and blog. We will make an announcement as soon as the details are decided.

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Q. How should we think about your results of investigations?

We would like you to use our investigation results as a beginning for you to carry an investigation of your own. Our results are never the final answer. The data is here to intrigue your curiosity, to show how to think like a skeptic and to make you think before you reach an answer.

If you would like us to carry research onto something you are interested in, why don’t you carry your own investigation?

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Q. What do you do if the results of your investigation turn out to be wrong?

When necessary, we revise it accordingly.

We truly believe in the concept of values for skeptics that any real misunderstandings should be corrected without hesitation. This is a very important idea that stands for self reflection. It does not mean that we change words or opinions easily nor do we accept any kind of irrational ideas.

The words that follow that “any misunderstanding should be corrected” are not “therefore, we can say anything because we can change it anytime.” Even though we conduct our investigations with every possible care, there are still possibilities that we make mistakes. We think correct data and truthfulness to facts are most important of all, not to mention reputation and pride.

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