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Our organization is called Association for Skeptical Investigation of Supernatural aka ASIOS.

Our main field of activity is in Japan and our interest is to carry research on supernatural events with skeptical attitudes. What we mean by skeptical is the attitude that carry actual researches carefully with objective and logical manners. Skeptical is not denial. We do not agree with the “conclusion first” and any research for denial. Being researchers, we must spend enough time and practice and we must accept any conclusion if it was not what we had expected. Open minded and fair are our manner toward any super natural beings.

We are group of small number of people who are interested in super natural event and beings and are eager to know what these really were, critical to deny for denial, and able to carry high standard of researches with these event and beings. Our aim is to investigate super natural event that might have possibility that it is not trick, and if it was a trick what kind of trick was it.

We carry interaction with groups outside Japan eagerly and information we have corrected will be reported to who ever interested.

Our intention is to investigate supernatural matters that we are interested in and we are not carrying anti-pseudoscience campaign.

One exception is Junior Skeptics intended for children. We will be teaching children about pseudoscience and scientific investigation and organize special section on this matter.

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